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plump round ass cheeks smothering a rock hard cock

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January 17 2008
Posted by sales@trafficcashgold  [ 06:00 ]

Naomi was just slinking around the studio in these heels and black fishnets, grabbing and slapping her firm round ass. If she was trying to turn me on, mission accomplished. She was a petite little bombshell that just screamed sex appeal. When she hit the bed with her with her backside hiked way up in the air, I pulled down her panties and buried my face in her ass and pussy. Naomi was wet and moaning from the get go. She got up and turned around to service by big hard cock, licking and sucking the full length of my shaft and tonguing my balls. We really got into each other doing a 69 that felt so good and seemed to last forever. Naomi got on top to ride my dick with her butt cheeks slamming down on me hard. I had her spread wide open, pounding that shaved tight snatch as hard as I could before I erupted a gooey finish that dripped down the crack of her big booty. Now that was some seriously nice ass.


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May 18 2007
Posted by Doc  [ 20:18 ]
Monster Curves Double your pleasure ... double your fun. These double dimes worked up a sweat with some light cardio, then quickly put it into overdrive on my boy Jorden. Two sets of face push ups onto her maximized gloots, high rep twat squats on his cock and you have yourself the workout video of the year.
Monster Curves is bringing you the most exclusive babes on the net, with only the Craziest curves you've ever seen!!! We update every week! Each girls' update comes with 100's of HIGH QUALITY pics and DVD QUALITY VIDEOS!!! See you inside! Get a Password!
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May 17 2007
Posted by Doc  [ 02:29 ]
Round Juicy Butts

Considering her last name, it's no surprise that Sonia Lopez is blessed with a 47 inch JLo booty. When this gorgeous green eyed Latina shakes her ass cheeks it looks like two tanned boxing gloves punching each other. Watch me get a big lip blow job then slap my balls off her bubble butt while she rub her clit to climax. After pulling out, her pussy lips and anal sphincter literally chewed on my cum. It's a good look.

We've been quietly growing Genetically Altered Bums in the lab for decades, and now these Thirsty Round Butts are All Shined Up and Ready To Be Publicly Revealed! Better bring your Shades, cause these Huge Asses Reflect More Light Than Aluminum Fucking Foil! See Big Ol' Jello Ba-Dunka-Dunks Bounce Around like Basketballs and Watch in Horror as Dicks get Swallowed Whole by Mammoth Asses of Prehistoric Proportions!

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There’s just something about a big round juicy butt that makes you want to grab ahold of it and pound the fucking shit out of it. We love plump hineys just as much as you, if not more! You’ll find loads of smokin’ hot babes that all share the big butt gene at ROUND JUICY BUTTS.

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April 06 2007
Posted by sales@trafficcashgold  [ 06:00 ]
Jocelyn's Round Mound Is Perfect For Some Doggystyle Action!
 ass cleavageplump butts white ass
I always wanted to tag Jocelyn but we were just close friends. I knew she had been doing some adult modeling and had been bugging her about it when she mentioned she was doing scene for this website featuring big round asses. She told me she wasn't ready to fuck me just yet but I could watch her get fucked by another guy on camera. I'm as horny as they come so I immediately said yes to that intriguing proposition. I really didn't know what to expect to I sat down and took it all in. Jocelyn was standing by a bed in this studio when they started shooting. She slid up this short little shirt she was wearing and broke out some lube to shine up her juicy ass. I was getting hot and bothered already. This guy Billy came into the scene and pulled off Jocelyn's panties and started working her phat ass and pussy at the same time with his fingers and tongue. She was getting completely crazy by now and Jocelyn went straight down his swollen cock shaft. She stroked and sucked that thing until it was huge. Billy was all worked up now and he fucked Jocelyn every way he could think of until he flipped her on her stomach and lathered her ass with a hot load. I can't wait until Jocelyn finally lets me the go ahead to tear up that fine ass.
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April 01 2007
Posted by Doc  [ 20:19 ]
Bubble Butts Galore The bootiful Cherish Ley stopped by the studio this week to show us her "ass"sets. This Bay Area brat knows how to suck the juice out of hard cock not to mention how to shake but not break a stiff one. Watch as we oil up that big bubble booty and spank it into are favorite shade of red.

Watch these gorgeous nymphos shake thier bootylicious round asses

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Bubble Butts Galore
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March 02 2007
Posted by Doc  [ 17:50 ]
Extreme Asses I will just cut to the chase and tell ya that this is the my favorite episode to date. If car mechanics looked this...I would not mind overpaying. Stop reading this and watch the Extreme Asses episode already... This will be one you wont soon forget at Extreme Asses

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March 01 2007
Posted by Doc  [ 17:50 ]
BIG BLONDE ASS !@! Looks can be deceiving. Thats the age old saying that best describes Staci Thorn and her undercover incognito 40 inch plus ass. I dont know if its her bodys frame or what but I was almost willing to bet she wasnt gonna make the cut.. We whipped out the tape measure and sure enough she passed 40 inches with about 2 or 3 inches to spare and boy was I glad because once you see this irresistable blonde your cock will probably throb up and grow longer than 40 inches
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August 07 2006
Posted by Doc  [ 11:18 ]
Bad Girl Butts Christine Christine Conners showing her ass in white thongs. Butts of all shapes and sizes. Teen tanned butts, lily white teen asses, great big bubble butts, tiny little tight butts, we have them ALL in one huge network. Naked butts, butts covered in white cotton panties, butts in just a thin lacey thong, you name it! Just A Small Piece Of Cloth Between You & Heaven! CLICK HERE NOW FOR BAD GIRL BUTTS!

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August 06 2006
Posted by sales@trafficcashgold  [ 11:18 ]
Ass Licking Threesome - Brianna Love & Harmony

I really didn't know much about the shoot I was doing except it was going to be a threesome with two round ass blonde cuties. I didn't need convincing because I was all over that. When I walked near the set, Brianna and Harmony were slapping each other's asses in their hot tight bikinis and I was just waiting for my cue. My cue came when the two chicks dropped their bikinis and Brianna went behind Harmony to tongue all that good ass and pussy between her chunky cheeks. I walked right in there to get acquainted and before I knew it, both blondies were giving my cock a really good tongue workout. My dick was straight and hard now. I jacked Harmony's ass right up in the air and stuck my dick in from the backdoor. These chicks were horny as hell and I did my all to keep up. There was so much licking, sucking, fucking and moaning going on, I just went with the flow and enjoyed every second of it. I was so worked up that when I finally came, I exploded a massive load all over the babes' round backsides. Sometimes the less you know, the better.
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July 04 2006
Posted by Doc  [ 03:14 ]
Flaming hot asses July 4th will never be the same again. Watch these fresh faces Juiane, Daiana and Jennifer get their holes stuffed by large cocks and get fed gallons of cum. After we are done with these wild teens, they will know what porn is all about.
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June 23 2006
Posted by Doc  [ 07:04 ]
Tight round ass Victoria Meet lovely Victoria, she’s got the name of a queen but she ain’t no lady. This hot little number had just the perfect amount of junk in that tight round trunk. For your viewing pleasure Victoria sucks and fucks like no other. Cum inside and see all the action!

Bubble Butts Galore
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June 22 2006
Posted by Doc  [ 06:55 ]
Bubble butt Sabrina Welcome to Bubble Butts Galore, your one stop shop for big booty bitches. This week Sabrina is in the house, and she is ready to show off that sweet rear end of hers. Watch all this week’s steamy action and see all of the badonkadonk you can handle!
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June 10 2006
Posted by Doc  [ 02:52 ]
Devon`s 40 inch ass cleavage Devon was hanging out with Jay when our site came up in conversation. Devon insisted on taking a look at it and immediately issued the challenge. Not only did she say she would qualify with flying colors which we had no doubt but she also said she would fuck and suck better than most of the girls on the site. Of course Jay pounced on this opportunity to prove her right or wrong
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June 09 2006
Posted by Doc  [ 02:06 ]
Two nice big juicy butts Ohhhhh My God… did I find a killer Latina or what!!! U will not believe you eyes, when u see this weeks update. I was cruising the shops down on the beach, and I saw what I thought was the prettiest lookin Latina I ever saw. Her body is on POINT, and boy o boy, when I say on point, I mean everything!!! When I convinced her to come back to have a glass of wine, and chill with me, I knew I had some good shit goin… because as soon as I got her in the door, I had her little dress up over her head. And then I was EATING! I must ve eatin her pussy for like 2 hrs…
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Sexy Round Asses
Sexy Round Asses

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